Motorized Blinds Are An Excellent Option For Seniors


Motorized blinds are an excellent window treatment option for seniors, as they make the process of opening and closing the blind as simple as pressing a button. Whether your elderly loved one lives in the home with you or still lives independently, learn about some of the reasons why these window treatments are an ideal solution. Mobility Concerns If your loved one lives alone and has mobility concerns, this window treatment is a safe option.

22 July 2019

Three Lesser-Known Reasons Why Window Replacement Is Worth It


No matter what your reason for deciding to install new windows in your home, you can actually reap many benefits far beyond the initial reason for the investment. If you have been on the fence about seeking new window services, it can help to understand some of the lesser-recognized benefits that you'll get. Here are a couple of the advantages that many people overlook about installing new windows in a home.

29 March 2019

5 Benefits Of Installing Impact-Resistant Windows In Your Florida Home


If you are ready to upgrade the windows in your home, and you live in Florida, it's more than likely, due to state and local building codes, that you will need to install impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows, or hurricane windows, are designed to protect your home in the event of a hurricane. That is not the only benefit of installing impact-resistant windows though. Benefit #1: Increased Energy Efficiency When you upgrade to impact-resistant windows in your home, you will experience increased energy efficiency.

4 February 2019