Installing New Window Blinds? 3 Ways To Keep Things Safe


When you install new windows blinds in your home, you want to make sure that you take steps to keep everything and everyone in your home safe. There are certain types of blinds you can purchase that will help keep everyone safe. 

1. Purchase Blinds Without Cords 

One of the most unsafe parts on a set of blinds are the cords. When you purchase blinds, you want to stay away from blinds that have cords. Both pets and kids can get caught up in blinds, which is why you should go cordless. There are a few different ways to go cordless. 

You can go with a cordless lift system, in which you can adjust the height of the blinds by pushing up or pulling on the bottom of the blinds. Or you can go with blinds that have a solid handle on them that you can turn instead of a cord. Or you can go with motorized shades that you can adjust with a remote control or with an app.  

2. Keep Furniture Away from Blinds 

You can't control where your windows are located, but you can control where you put the furniture in your home. You shouldn't put any furniture that your child could potentially climb on near your blinds. For example, you shouldn't put your kid's beds or cribs right under the windows of their rooms. Instead, leave a little bit of space between the windows and your kid's furniture.  

In your living room, don't put your couch right under the window. Your kids or pets could easily climb up on the back of the couch and get tangled up in the blinds. Place your furniture away from your windows in order to keep things safe.  

3. Retrofit Any Older Blinds 

If you have any rooms in your home where you are not installing new blinds that are cord-free, you need to retrofit the blinds that you are not getting rid of in order to keep everything safe. You can use a retrofitting kit in order to fix the cords so that they are not hanging down. A retrofitting kit helps you pull up the cord and keep it safe.  

When it comes to window blind installation, consider new window blinds that are cord-free. Retrofit the cords on any old blinds that you are not replacing yet. Keep furniture away from your blinds to keep everyone in your home safe.  


28 October 2019

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