6 Reasons You Should Install Window Film In Your Home

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If you are looking for a good way to enhance your indoor living space, you should consider having window film installed on the windows in your home. Window film has several advantages, including being a good alternative to investing in replacement windows if the windows in your home are beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Following are six more reasons why you should consider having window film installed on the interior windows. UV Protection Plenty of natural light makes home interiors bright and pleasant. However, many homeowners find themselves drawing their curtains and blinds during the most beautiful times of the day due to the damage that UV rays can do to their furnishings, floors, walls, and art. Fabric upholstery, carpeting, and hardwood flooring fades considerably when exposed to UV rays over a period of time, and fine art such as oil paintings, sculpture, and ceramics also face when UV light is in the picture. However, many people find that being in a darkened room when the sun is shining outside during the middle of the day is depressing, especially if they’ve got a gorgeous view. Window film can fix that problem by allowing the sun to shine in at the same time the film protects your furnishing, flooring, and art from harmful UV rays. Glare Reduction Sun shining through the windows can make it difficult to enjoy watching a television program, because it causes glare if it hits the screen just right. If you’ve got hardwood, tiled, or any other kind of flooring made with materials that have reflective surfaces, glare can pose a safety hazard for senior citizens or those with vision problems. Glare can also be a problem on work surfaces such as countertops. Shatter Resistance You also have the option of selecting window film that provides superior shatter resistance so that shards of glass won’t end up all over your home interior. The film provides a barrier between your window glass and your home interior and may also act as a deterrent to potential home intruders. Utility Cost Reduction Certain types of window films can help keep utility costs down. For instance, if you live in an area where seasonal heat is an issue, reflective window film can direct the sunlight away from your home. You can also have insulating window film installed for the purpose of preventing heat loss during cold spells. It can also help prevent condensation from forming on the glass during periods of high atmospheric humidity. Privacy One of the reasons why many people draw the shades during the day is to prevent prying eyes, but window film allows you to retain your privacy while having your blinds and curtains open to let in the natural light. You can select window film that allows you to clearly see outside your window yet makes it difficult for anyone outside to view your home interior during the day, allowing you to relax and enjoy all that beautiful natural light streaming in through your windows. Decorative Properties Window film also provides homeowners with an abundance of decorative options. For instance, you can purchase window film that gives the appearance of stained glass or choose film with a delicate, lacy pattern to give the appearance of old-school etched glass. For a more modern...

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