5 Benefits Of Installing Impact-Resistant Windows In Your Florida Home


If you are ready to upgrade the windows in your home, and you live in Florida, it's more than likely, due to state and local building codes, that you will need to install impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows, or hurricane windows, are designed to protect your home in the event of a hurricane. That is not the only benefit of installing impact-resistant windows though.

Benefit #1: Increased Energy Efficiency

When you upgrade to impact-resistant windows in your home, you will experience increased energy efficiency. Impact-resistant windows are made out of multiple panes of glass, which helps cut down on heat transmission and transfer through the glass. The window is supported by a heavy aluminum frame, which will help cut down on drafts around your window. Hurricane windows can also include coatings to help reflect and filter ultraviolet rays so they don't damage your home.

Benefit #2: Insurance Discounts

When you install hurricane windows in a hurricane area, your insurance company will reward you. Installing both impact-resistant windows and doors can help greatly reduce your premium. To qualify for a reduction in your homeowner's insurance premium, you will need to ask your insurance company to come and perform a home inspection and wind certification inspection. Once you pass the inspection, you will start to see savings on your insurance rates.

Benefit #3: Noise Reduction

If you want a little more peace and quiet, hurricane windows can offer you that as well. The thick and strong glass that helps protect you from storms will also help keep noise out of your home. The glass is designed to filter outside noise, so less environmental noise should filter into your home when you upgrade all of your windows.

Benefit #4: Protection from Ultraviolet Light

Next, hurricane windows are designed to protect against ultraviolet light. They can block the majority of ultraviolet rays — which are damaging rays — from getting into your home. This will help protect your furniture and home from discoloration and fading due to sunlight and will help protect your skin when you are hit by sunlight inside of your home.

Benefit #5: Shatter-Resistant

Hurricane-resistant windows are designed to be shatter-resistant. The glass is secured to a heavy aluminum frame, which keeps the window securely in place. The layers of glass are bonded with a shatter-proof membrane. If the outer glass pane were to break, the middle layer would catch all the glass; glass would not break or fall into your home.

Hurricane-resistant windows offer multiple benefits beyond hurricane protection. They can also reduce noise, protect you from ultraviolet rays, offer you an insurance discount, and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Contact a company like A Better View to learn more about the benefits of hurricane-resistant windows.


4 February 2019

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