Motorized Blinds Are An Excellent Option For Seniors


Motorized blinds are an excellent window treatment option for seniors, as they make the process of opening and closing the blind as simple as pressing a button. Whether your elderly loved one lives in the home with you or still lives independently, learn about some of the reasons why these window treatments are an ideal solution.

Mobility Concerns

If your loved one lives alone and has mobility concerns, this window treatment is a safe option. For instance, if your loved one gets around with a walker, reaching up to open or close a blind can be dangerous, as it's easier for him or her to lose their balance during the process. Additionally, with certain conditions, such as arthritis, the individual might not be able to raise their arm to open or close the blind. Motorized options come with an easy-to-hold remote to operate the blinds.

Remote Access

Some motorized blind options also come equipped with a remote access feature. These blind systems are connected via a wireless connection and typically come with app support. As a result, you can open and close the blinds even if you are away from the house, provided you have the correct login and password credentials. If you're concerned your elderly parent might have left their blinds open, you can check the app and close them from wherever you are, if necessary. 

Natural Light

When a person has a hard time opening their blinds, they are forced to keep the blinds closed. Motorized blinds give your loved one the opportunity to enjoy natural light whenever they want. Natural light is a practical way to cut down on electrical costs and help them save. However, it's also a great mood booster, as it can help minimize the risk of depression. If your loved one lives alone, the ability to open their blinds during the day can help keep them happier and healthier. 

Style Options

There is no need to worry about style and décor, these window treatments are available in a wide range of style options. For a more classic look, you can choose from a roman shade design and for a modern look with an added touch of durability and privacy, aluminum blinds are another option. In addition to material selection, there are also different color options for motorized blinds. 

If you are ready to have these blinds installed and experience all their benefits, contact an installer for assistance. Companies like Sylvan's & Phillip's can help.


22 July 2019

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