Three Lesser-Known Reasons Why Window Replacement Is Worth It


No matter what your reason for deciding to install new windows in your home, you can actually reap many benefits far beyond the initial reason for the investment. If you have been on the fence about seeking new window services, it can help to understand some of the lesser-recognized benefits that you'll get. Here are a couple of the advantages that many people overlook about installing new windows in a home.

Time Savings

You probably don't typically think of new windows as a time-saving investment, but the fact remains that it actually is. This is especially true if your new window installation includes replacing old wooden window frames with updated material, such as vinyl or even aluminum.

Wood window frames require a lot more time and attention than the newer options. You have to sand or pressure wash and then repaint them every few years to keep them looking their best and protect them from weather damage. Especially if your home has a lot of windows, that's a lot of time you'll have to spend.

When you choose vinyl or aluminum window frames as part of your new window installation, you eliminate the need for that excess time spent on maintenance. You can simply keep them clean with an occasional wipe-down or hose spray, and save yourself a lot of time over the life of your windows.

More Peace

Especially if you live near a busy road, or in a noisy neighborhood, dealing with outdoor noises inside your house can be problematic. It can disrupt your family's peace and quiet, or even keep your young kids up at night. Older windows, with their single panes of glass, or even double-paned glass with deteriorated gas filling, will allow all sorts of noise transfer into your home because there's little to no insulating barrier to block it.

Installing new windows will allow you to take advantage of the most of modern technology and get even triple-paned and more heavily insulated and energy efficient windows. This translates into more peace and quiet for you and your family.

Easier Resale

Whether you are installing new windows for yourself or with the intent to improve your home's market value, you may not realize that installing new windows can actually make it easier to sell your home, particularly in a neighborhood of many homes with older or more outdated windows.

Most prospective buyers understand exactly how expensive it can be to replace a home's windows, especially when there are a lot of them. As a result, most homeowners who are looking to purchase a new one will be happy to avoid that expense in their immediate future. It can, in fact, be the deciding factor between two properties and could lean in your favor if your home has new windows.


29 March 2019

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