Small Exterior Siding Damage Can Mean Big Troubles


Massive wind damage often tears out large portions of exterior siding. Hurricanes and other powerful storms can rip siding apart in seconds. Few homeowners would choose not to install new siding to replace massive damage. What about seemingly minor siding damage, though? Sometimes the damage may be limited to one area or only be a few tears. Ignoring the problem and assuming partial damage won't cause any problems could be a drastic miscalculation. Installing new exterior siding might be a better plan.

Siding Is A Lot Like Your Fencing

Homeowners should look at exterior siding the same way they look at their fencing. There's a reason why people have fencing around the house. A fence keeps intruders out. Any imperfections in the fence make it easy to enter the property. A large hole in the fence means a potentially dangerous animal could enter the property. Exterior siding serves a similar purpose. The siding keeps rain, snow, melting ice, and more out. A large perforation can lead to lots of water entering, but it doesn't take a lot of water to cause damage. Smaller holes provide ample means for water to enter. And water can create problems.

Water Damage Means More Costs

Once water enters through damaged exterior siding, a home can suffer from mold and rot. One result here could be damaged support beams that lead to a partial or full roof collapse. It may take some time for the disastrous results to occur, but these results mean costly repairs. You will then be forced to install new siding, something that could have been done long before the water damage occurred. 

Get an Inspection

If you open the window one day and notice connecting siding is damaged, call in a professional to get an inspection performed. Even if you don't see any more siding damage nearby, this doesn't mean there's no damage elsewhere. And some imperfections might only be noticeable to someone with a trained eye. Have a siding pro look at the exterior and take photos of any problems. Review the pictures with the siding professional and discuss your options.

The Value of an Annual Inspection

You might never even know the siding experienced any damage. Don't wait until something serious happens, such as an apparent leak, before taking action. Request an annual roof and siding inspection to look for any issues, and do so whether there's been a harsh storm season or not. Be a responsible homeowner by being proactive. 

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10 December 2019

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