4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding Between Window Repair Or Replacement


If the windows in your home are not performing how you would like them to perform, you have the choice to either invest in window replacement or window repair. When deciding which option is best for you, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. 

Question #1: Is there a draft around the windows? 

First, you need to establish if there is a draft around the window. Oftentimes, when there is a draft around the window, all you need is to apply caulking around the edge of the window, where the frame meets with your home. It is best to do this on both the inside and outside of your windows. 

However, if you can feel air coming from through the glass, you may need to upgrade your windows. If you have an older window, too much heat is being transmitted through the window, and you need to install a more energy-efficient window that will not allow the heat to be transmitted through the window.  

Question #2: Is the windowpane cracked? 

Second, you need to check the quality of the windowpane. What kind of shape is the windowpane in? Is the windowpane in good shape, or is the windowpane cracked? If you have a cracked or broken windowpane, you need to replace the windowpane. You do not necessarily need to replace the entire window frame and hardware, but you will need to replace the glass inside the frame.  

Question #3: Is the window frame rotten? 

Third, examine the window frame itself. If the window frame is made of wood, you need to make sure that the wood is not soft and rotting. If the window is rotting, the integrity of the window is at stake, and you are going to need to replace the entire window soon.  

If you have a metal window frame, and the window frame has developed rust, you need to change out the entire window frame. A vinyl window frame should be strong enough no matter what, as the material doesn't usually get compromised.  

Question #4: Are your energy bills increasing? 

Finally, you need to look at your energy bills. If you are using more energy to heat your home than you used to, you need to look at ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. One way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is by upgrading the quality of your window frames and the glass inside of the windows.  

The answers to the above four questions will let you know in each situation if it is better to repair or replace your windows. A draft window may just need to be resealed, but a cracked window or one with a rotting framing will need to be replaced.  


4 October 2019

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