Don't Forget Hurricane Shutters For These Areas, Too


When you think about equipping the exterior of your home with hurricane shutters to prevent water damage during storms, you might be focused on thinking about how many windows you'll need to cover. While it's a wise decision to use these specialized shutters over each of the windows around the exterior of your home, you shouldn't neglect to protect other areas, too. What you might not realize is that hurricane shutters are available in many different sizes so that they can offer coverage over areas other than windows.

7 April 2023

Getting New Windows For Your Home? Ask These 5 Questions


Will you be working with a local contractor to have new windows installed in your home? You'll definitely want to know more about what questions you should be asking during your consultation. What Is The Energy Efficiency Rating Of The Windows?  You'll always want to know what the energy efficiency rating is of the windows you'll be getting, and how that compares to other windows above and below the price range.

17 February 2023

Don't Forget Security Window Film On These Windows


If you've recently learned about the value of adding security window film to the windows of your home—perhaps because you've watched an impressive video demonstration of this product online—you might be eager to buy this film to apply to your sliding glass door and any ground floor windows throughout your residence. The strength of this film can be instrumental in keeping people from being able to break a window and gain entry to your home, but there are windows beyond those listed above that you should consider treating with this product.

13 January 2023