Don't Forget Hurricane Shutters For These Areas, Too


When you think about equipping the exterior of your home with hurricane shutters to prevent water damage during storms, you might be focused on thinking about how many windows you'll need to cover. While it's a wise decision to use these specialized shutters over each of the windows around the exterior of your home, you shouldn't neglect to protect other areas, too. What you might not realize is that hurricane shutters are available in many different sizes so that they can offer coverage over areas other than windows. Here are some things that you should protect with hurricane shutters.


Many people who live in areas where heavy storms are common will choose to protect the exterior doors of their homes with hurricane shutters. Strong winds have the potential to breach exterior doors, allowing wind and rain into the residence and causing significant damage. Doors are especially important to protect in this way if they have window inserts, which is often the case with residential doors. Additionally, if people are looking for homes to loot during a storm that has caused many local residents to flee, a home's exterior door can be a potential access point. With a sturdy hurricane shutter over the door, a break-in during a storm is less likely.

Sky Lights

Don't forget to think about the design of your home's roof when you're planning to secure the residence against heavy storms. Many homes have one or more skylights on the roof, and these glass panels can potentially suffer damage from major storms. If a skylight breaks open, a significant volume of rain can pour into the home and cause costly damage from the top floor down to the basement. There are lots of small hurricane shutters on the market that are specifically designed to cover skylights. These shutters typically operate by remote control, allowing you to operate them from inside the home rather than having to get onto the roof.

Other Structures

While protecting your home during storms is likely your top priority, you shouldn't neglect any other structures that you may have on your property. For example, if you have a pool house, you should think about putting hurricane shutters on the windows and doors. The same is true of a detached garage that holds items that you don't want to be exposed to water and high winds. Shop for hurricane shutters for these areas.


7 April 2023

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