3 Reasons Why A Casement Window Is The Perfect Choice For An Egress Window In Your Basement Or Attic


Installing an egress window in your home's attic or basement allows you to quickly escape your home if a fire starts inside. If you're finishing your attic or basement and plan on using it as a living area, installing an egress window is a necessity. 

When choosing the type of window to install as your egress window, casement windows are one of the best choices. Casement windows have hinges on a vertical edge of the sash, allowing them to open and close like doors, and the way that they open makes them a great choice for an egress window. Read on to learn three reasons why casement windows are the perfect type of window to choose for an egress window.

1. Casement Windows Expose the Entire Window Opening for You to Climb Through

When installing an egress window, you need to make sure that you're able to climb out of it if you need to during a fire. The opening needs to be large enough for adults to easily fit through. Casement windows can be installed with an arm on the frame that allows them to extend fully outwards when you open them, which means that the entire wall opening will be available for you to climb through.

Other window types, like double-hung windows, block part of the wall opening with a sash. They need to be much larger than a casement window to be usable as an egress window. Choosing a casement window for the egress window in your basement or attic means you're able to install a smaller window and still use it to escape your home.

2. Casement Windows Can Be Installed Vertically, Giving You More Options for Placing Them

Casement windows can also be installed vertically, which makes them extremely flexible. A vertical casement window has its hinge on the top side of its frame and opens upward. If you need to escape your home during a fire, you can open up the window and crawl through it to safety. If wall space is limited in your attic or basement, the fact that casement windows can be installed vertically as well as horizontally makes it easier to find a suitable location for your egress window.

3. Casement Windows Open Easily and Quickly

Casement windows are very easy to open compared to other types of windows, which is valuable in an emergency. Double-hung windows can sometimes become stuck, making the window difficult to slide open. Casement windows, on the other hand, can be easily opened by turning a crank or a handle that's located near the bottom of the frame. Opening a casement window is simple and quick, even for children.

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19 July 2023

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