Getting New Windows For Your Home? Ask These 5 Questions


Will you be working with a local contractor to have new windows installed in your home? You'll definitely want to know more about what questions you should be asking during your consultation.

What Is The Energy Efficiency Rating Of The Windows? 

You'll always want to know what the energy efficiency rating is of the windows you'll be getting, and how that compares to other windows above and below the price range. This will let you know how well the windows will work at preventing heat from transferring in and out of your home, which has a big impact on your home's overall energy consumption

What Is The Framing Materials Of The Windows? 

There are many types of framing materials you have to pick from when getting new windows. Make sure that you fully understand what material you are getting before they are installed. For example, there are not just vinyl and wood windows, but there are also vinyl-clad windows that are made with a wood base with a vinyl exterior covering to protect it from the weather. You may or may not want to have wood windows if you don't want to deal with all the necessary maintenance, or may love the look of wood and be willing to deal with it.

How Many Panes Of Glass Are In The Windows?

It is pretty standard for home windows to have two panes of glass these days. However, there are triple-pane glass windows that you can get as well. The difference between the two is that triple-pane glass offers better energy efficiency and sound dampening, which can help keep the noise of a busy street out of your home.

What Is The Warranty Like? 

A window warranty comes in two parts, which cover both the window frame and the labor to install it. Make sure you know what kind of warranty you have, and what you would be responsible for paying if you needed to replace the windows under warranty. You do not want to be surprised to learn that the windows are covered from manufacturer's defects, but you still have to pay for the labor to swap them out. 

How Long Will The Windows Last?

Every type of window has an estimated lifespan, which will give you an idea of how long they will last until they need to be replaced again. This information is important to know if you plan on living in your home for a long time and don't want to deal with replacing windows anytime soon. 

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17 February 2023

thinking through the window buying process

One thing I disliked about my house when I bought it was the fact that the windows were all so small. My house is in a beautiful country setting with no neighbors anywhere to be seen, so I couldn't understand why anyone would want to block the scenery out of the home. I started looking for oversize windows that I could use to bring the stunning country setting inside the home. I find all sorts of windows that would accomplish what I wanted and created a blog to help me choose what windows would be best for my home. Maybe, my thought process can help you find the perfect windows for your home.