What Are High Impact Windows And Are They Right For Your Home?


For homeowners living in areas prone to hurricanes or tornados, having strong windows installed is crucial. Whether it's the impact of strong wind or flying projectiles, regular windows can quickly become damaged.

Broken glass is dangerous. Broken windows also leave your home vulnerable to bad weather and intruders. If you live in an area with lots of wind and inclement weather, look into investing in high-impact windows.

What Are High Impact Windows? 

Impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand the strong winds of hurricanes, tornadoes, and high-speed projectiles. These windows are also known as impact windows, laminated glass, and hurricane windows.

To ensure you find the right type of impact window for your home, it's best to an impact window supplier. The suppliers can help you decide which windows are right for your home.

Impact windows must provide a certain amount of wind resistance to be considered hurricane windows. So, an impact window generally provides the necessary window resistance plus protection from impacts.

What Are The Different Types Of Impact Windows?

Impact windows come in three common types of materials. You can choose the best material for you based on its advantages.

  • Vinyl - provides excellent insulation and low maintenance and costs
  • Wood -provides excellent insulation, high energy performance with low costs
  • Aluminum-Strong, weather-resistant materials with curb appeal and low maintenance

These common materials also have a few disadvantages to consider.

  • Vinyl may not be recyclable
  • Woods rots and is high maintenance
  • Aluminum requires painting

If you have questions about the various materials when choosing windows, contact a high-impact window supplier to discuss your concerns.

How Much Do High Impact Windows Cost?

High impact windows typically pay for themselves by protecting your home and energy costs. However, they can be costly to install.

The exact cost of installation depends on several factors.

  • Type of material windows of made of
  • The number of windows needed
  • Window size
  • Location of window openings

But when considering cost, keep in mind that impact windows save money with lower insurance premiums for the home and an increase in the home's value.

When selecting high-impact windows, do your homework by comparing the different brands and materials available. Your local impact window supplier can help you decide what's right for your home and compare costs. With a little research, you can find impact windows that fit your budget and look great while protecting your home during hurricane or tornado season.


11 March 2022

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