4 Reasons Why People Choose Impact-Resistant Windows


The climatic conditions in parts of the country need hurricane proofing as part of home improvement. Shutters have been the only choice if you wanted your home to survive hurricanes and other storms. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing impact-resistant windows to replace your shutters. 

They Shield Your Home From Hurricane Damage

Impact-resistant windows have two main components: an impact-resistant frame and laminated glass panes. The combination of factors makes these windows extremely strong. Typically, the windows undergo a silicone glazing process that keeps the glass glued onto the window frame. 

The manufacturers follow a strict process when testing the window quality. First, the person handling the testing shoots projectiles from a canon and aims them at the window. In the second one, the professionals blow objects from various pressure degrees at the window glass. If the object hits the pane and forms a hole smaller than a certain number of inches, the glass passes the test. The tests ensure that the glass can withstand the worst storm without shattering and letting debris into the house. 

They Enhance Your Safety Against Theft

The second benefit is how well the enhanced windows protect your home from burglars. Sometimes, burglars will access your home by shattering a windowpane and accessing the latch. However, when the glass comes from a material that does not break, it becomes nearly impossible for the burglar to break it and access the home. 

They Get You Insurance Discounts

The insurer looks at the level of safety in your home when deciding on the premium to offer you. If you have impact-resistant windows, they can tell that your indoors will remain safe in case of a storm. You should follow up on the discounts your insurer offers for the windows. It will help you get the best protection affordably. 

They Reduce Indoor Noise

Few people know the connection between the quality of the windows and noise levels in the home. Impact-resistant windows shield you from the noise of neighbors mowing their lawn. They also dull noise from the traffic and other environmental noises. 

Get a trusted contractor to help you choose and install superior quality impact-resistant windows in your home. They will protect you from the storm and save you money in many other ways. Ask them about which impact-resistant windows would work best for your property and the needs you have. They should be happy to help. 


29 November 2021

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