What to Avoid When Investing in Window Tinting


The benefits of window tinting range from blocking the sun's UV rays to reducing your energy bills by spending less on your AC during the summer. Window tinting also helps you retain heat, which means you will also use less energy to warm your house. It also protects your furniture from light damage. However, to get all of the benefits of window tinting, you must avoid the following mistakes.

1. Ignoring the Type of Windows

Window tints will work on most types of home windows. If your home has standard windows made from insulating or heat-treated glass, you will not have problems with window films. 

However, if the insulated glass is over ten years old, the solar tint will not work well for these windows. Solar tints are also not suited for tinted annealed glass or clear annealed glass that exceeds a certain thickness. Window tint can also be a challenge when installing on stained or antique glass. It is advisable to consult a tinting company to determine the right tint for your window type.

2. Choosing the Wrong Window Tint

Many people choose a window tint at random without considering their specific needs. Determine if you want window tinting for privacy, heat reduction, or UV protection. For example, you should choose window tints with a low tint percentage if you want a tint for privacy. Films that have 20% or less are ideal for privacy. 

If you want window tinting for heat reduction, you should consider solar window films. These will help you keep your premises warm and direct excess heat out. Lastly, if you want to reduce the sun's glare, you should consider sun control window films. These films protect you from UV rays while balancing the light in your premises.

3. Choosing Lesser-Quality Brands

When choosing window tints, go for quality brands. If you invest in lesser quality brands, the film will not last long, and you will end up spending money on repairs or replacements. Furthermore, cheap window films do not resist blunt force as well as high-end models. For example, higher-quality security films often have a higher tear strength than ordinary security films. This makes them more resistant to forced entry, bomb blasts, and harsh weather conditions. 

To find a reputable window tint, visit review sites to see how customers respond to different brands. You can also seek referrals from friends and family or visit a window tinting service for advice.


31 August 2021

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