Options to Replace Windows in Your Home When Remodeling


When you are remodeling your home, the windows may need to get changed. The problem is that the new windows may not match the existing openings. Therefore, improvements to all the windows in your home might be a good investment. The following options to replace windows are some of the options that you will want to consider when you are remodeling:

Repairing and Renovating Existing Casings

The casings are the frame and trim moldings around your windows. Sometimes, the casings may only be damaged and need to be repaired. If you are using similar casings for the areas you are remodeling, renovating the old window frames may be the best option. A window service can help with these repairs and make improvements like glass replacement. This will allow you to update the windows without going over budget on your project.

Installing New Windows In Existing Openings

You can also install new windows in various areas of your home. The remodeling can be done to areas where you are remodeling, as well as to the existing openings. These are different than replacement windows because the old windows and their frames have to be removed entirely. This is great if you have old damaged metal or vinyl windows that may be too difficult to repair. The window service can install new matching windows throughout your home to match the areas where you are doing major renovations or remodeling projects.

Using Replacement Windows to Update Openings

There are also options for using replacement windows to update the openings in your home. These solutions work best for homes that have standard-sized wood window casings. The replacement units are installed inside the existing frames once the old sashes and window hardware has been removed.

Installing Storm Windows and Doors to Protect Openings

Storm windows are another option that you may want to consider when remodeling your home. These are specially designed windows that are installed over existing openings. They help to improve the efficiency of the windows and make your home more resistant to storm damage. Today, there are many options for storm windows and doors that can be installed in your home, which can be an attractive improvement for your home renovation projects as well.

The remodeling project you are planning can be complete with the addition of new windows. Contact a window service to discuss these options to replace and improve the openings in your home.


3 June 2021

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