Window Replacement In An Older Mobile Home? What To Know Before You Begin


The tight supply of affordable homes and the longing for a more frugal housing option has led to a growing number of Americans to explore the possibility of renovating older mobile homes to create a comfortable, low-cost home. Since most older mobile homes lack high-quality thermal windows, installing new ones is often near the top of the renovation to-do list. If you have purchased an older mobile home and want to replace the original windows, here are some issues you may run into and how to address them. 

Window opening size issues

The first thing to consider when preparing to replace the windows in an older mobile home is size. Since mobile homes are designed to save space, many of the original window openings will not match the standard window opening sizes commonly used in traditional home construction. Because of this, you will need to measure the existing windows carefully and then determine whether enlarging those openings could be possible. 

When doing this, it is important to make sure that any enlarging of the spaces will not interfere with critical structural elements of the mobile home, including: 

  • load-bearing walls 
  • electrical wiring 
  • plumbing lines

If electrical wiring or plumbing pipes will be impacted, it may be possible to have them professionally relocated so that your window project can proceed. If a load-bearing wall will be weakened by enlarging a window opening, you will want to work with a structural engineer to find a way to add alternate support before moving forward with the project. 

Windowsill depth issues

The next issue that you will need to address when replacing the original windows in an older mobile home is changes in the depth of the windowsill. Since mobile homes are often built with walls that have less depth than a traditional home, the sill depth often must be increased when installing new windows. 

A good way to overcome this is to opt for sashless replacement windows. Once the sashless windows have been professionally installed, you can build a custom depth windowsill and matching window trim to meet the depth of your new windows. 

To learn more about replacing the windows in your older mobile home and how to overcome issues like these and others, contact a reputable replacement installation contractor in your area. These professionals can help you locate and install windows that will make your mobile home more comfortable to live in and more attractive from the curb.  


24 August 2018

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