5 Different Ways To Secure Your Windows


Any window that opens provides a potential access point to your home. Keep unwanted guests out, and your pet and children inside, with the right locks and security methods for your windows.

There are a variety of ways you can secure your windows, from window latches and security bars to child safety latches, window wedges, and sash locks.

1. Window Latch

Window latches are the default lock found on modern single and double-hung windows. It is a simple locking mechanism that you flip one way to lock, and another way to unlock.

Although the lock is simple, it performs two important jobs. First, it helps to secure and lock your window. Second, it seals your window pane against the frame, preventing drafts from coming into your home from around your window.

If your window doesn't have a sturdy window latch on it, window latches can be installed on existing windows.

2. Security Bar

A security bar is also commonly referred to as a window bar or a window security bar. It is a bar that is designed to be placed along the track of your window. It prevents your window from being pushed open.

When a window bar is placed in the track of your window, it is really hard to force your window open.

 There are a variety of styles of window bars. There are solid metal window bars that are strong and impossible to break. There are also window bars with safety features that allow you to quickly collapse the bar from inside if you need to open a window quickly.

Security bars are great when you will be away from your home for long periods of time, like when you head out on vacation. Security bars are a great backup method to ensure that your windows are securely shut.

3. Child Safety Latches

Child safety latches are also referred to as window stops. They are installed along the track of your window. The latch is drilled into place so that it will not move. They can be used with existing sliding windows.

Child safety latches are designed to allow your window only to be opened a set amount. The main purpose of child safety locks is to reduce the risk of a child falling out of a window. They can also be helpful if you just don't want certain windows to open more than a set amount.

4. Window Wedge

Window wedges are very similar to child safety latches. However, a window wedge does not require any drilling or modification of the window.

A window wedge is placed in the track or internal sash of a window and keeps the window in place. This makes it difficult to push and open the window from the outside. A window wedge also keeps your window open to a specific degree.

5. Sash Lock

If you don't want anyone to open the window but yourself, you can install a sash lock on the window. A sash lock looks like a regular window latch. However, it has a keyhole it, so when you close the window, you can use a key to lock the latch in place. This will prevent anyone from opening the latch, and thus the window, without a key.

Sash locks are intended for sliding windows. However, sash locks can also work on hinged windows. They can also work on wood, vinyl, and aluminum window frames.

The only thing with a sash lock is that you want to keep the key handy. In an emergency situation, you want to be able to locate and use the key to unlock the window quickly.

If you need help securing and updating your windows, contact a company like Acme Glass & Tinting. They can help you install the right locks on your windows and upgrade your windows. 


17 May 2018

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