The Perks Of Window Films


Commercial window films can protect your windows and everything inside them. Some people imagine that all window films have a tint. However, even clear tints can be very beneficial to your commercial windows. This article explains the beauty of window films and how they are installed. It can be a great DIY project if your windows are not too large. However, it is usually best if you let a professional apply your films.

Tinted and Clear Window Films

Window films can dramatically slow down heat transfer by blocking out a large percentage of UV rays. However, this does not mean you need to add a tinted film. Many building owners are skeptical of adding tinted films that block too much sun. Such dramatic shading might require the building owner to install brighter (more energy consuming) lights to compensate for the loss of sunlight. So, it can be counterproductive when it comes to the energy efficiency of your property. Tinted films can also protect the actual things inside your building from fading. From furniture to artwork, colors can fade under too much sun exposure. So, a little UV protection can preserve your interiors.

There are many different tint levels, and even products that have no tint at all. Even a clear window tint helps to reduce heat transfer and loss through glass panes. They are beneficial in both hot and cold climates. Usually a slight tint that won't be too dark, but will still prevent UV damage is going to be the best choice.

Installation Options

There a bunch of high quality window films sold at home improvement and window stores. These are very easy to install because they come with almost everything you need for the job. However, these often only come in small size and are chiefly meant for residential windows. Also, if these over the counter products are not properly applied to your windows, the building owner might need to reapply them much sooner. So, it often pays to have a professional handle the installation. In fact, it is often the only choice for buildings with larger windows.

Residential window films are common and easy to install, but they might not be the best choice for a commercial building with larger windows. You usually get better results if you hire a pro to custom install your product. It might cost more money, but it is still a relatively cheap way to improve your window efficiency.  


12 February 2018

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