3 Tips To Help Update Old And Outdated Windows When Replacing Siding


In older homes, one of the areas where a lot of energy is lost is around the windows. Today, you have many choices of improvements for the windows, which can be replacements, adding film, or using window treatments. Here are some tips that will help reduce energy loss from old outdated windows that need improvements when you replace siding:

1. Addressing Thin Glass Issues by Installing Window Films

One of the problems that you may have with older windows is that the glass is thin, which can cause cold drafts and heat loss problems. These windows may not always be ideal for replacements. To leave the windows in place and keep the glass, consider energy-efficient window films, which help improve windows without the need to completely replace them. For areas of your home that have problems with direct sunlight and glare, you may even want to use window films with a slight tint to them.

2. Improving the Insulation Between The Window Casing and Wood Framing  

Between the window casing and wood framing of your home, there may be a void. This void is often a source of drafts and should have insulation in it. When the old siding of your home is being removed, ask the contractor to check and see if the void does not have insulation. If there is no insulation, the siding contractor should be able to easily shove batten insulation in these voids to stop drafts. If you are replacing windows with the new siding installation, make sure that the insulation is installed in these voids when new windows are installed.

3. Improving Windows with Replacements and New Glass Where Possible

Another option that you may want to consider for improving the windows is glass replacement. There are several types of glass that can be used, which are energy-efficient, such as low-e or double-paned glass materials. If you are having replacement windows installed by the siding contractor, glass replacement is a great option for any of the openings where replacements cannot be used. The replacement glass will improve the efficiency of your existing windows.

These are some tips that will help reduce energy loss from old outdated windows that cause air leaks and other problems. If you are getting ready to replace old siding, this is going to be a great opportunity to update windows. Contact a window installation service like Fischer Window and Door Store to help with some of these improvements. 


21 November 2017

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