Window Film Is Great For All Climates


Adding window films to the glass panes throughout your home is one of the most cost effective ways to increase the efficiency of your home. Since you can pick up the supplies at any home improvement store and apply them yourself, the job is very cheap. Furthermore, the labor is simple and just about anybody can do it. This article explains why window films are so useful and how to best apply them.

Different Types of Window Films

Some people mistakenly think that window films are really only helpful in sunny climates. Tinted window films are extremely helpful in deflecting the suns heat and preventing your interior from getting too hot from direct sun exposure. However, there are also clear window films which can be extremely useful in cold climates. These essentially add an extra layer of protection and insulation to your glass. This extra insulation is useful for keeping heat in during the winter and keeping heat out during the summer.

It is worth noting that you can find both interior and exterior films. Interior films are more convenient, but they aren't quite as effective. That being said, exterior films are a little more difficult to apply, especially when installing them on second story windows. It is also worth mentioning that window films can make your glass less clear. That is, they might look blurry when looking in or out. Some people like that tinted window films add more privacy, but most don't really want to have any sort of obscured or blurred vision.

Installing Window Films

Window films come in convenient kits that include just about everything you need to install them. The one thing they don't have is the utility knife. They come with a liquid that you use to adhere the film to the class. Then, you use the included squeegee to smooth out the film and remove any air bubbles. Finally, you trim the edges using a utility knife. Then, you re-squeegee the edges to make sure they don't end up peeling up. This is all you need to do, and once you get the hang of it, the job goes very quickly.

As you can see, window films are easy to apply, yet they can have a great impact on the efficiency of your fixtures. It is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the efficiency of any glass fixture on your building. Get in touch with a business like Sunblockers Window Tinting to learn more.


24 October 2017

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