How To Fix Horizontal Blind Cord Pulls


Blinds are window treatments that add privacy to your home, but you may find the cord on your horizontal blind cords damaged, which can be expected in a home with pets. Cords can also break from someone constantly yanking them up and down, causing weakness from friction.

The ideal time to replace cords is when they get frayed, but you don't have to replace the blind if the cord breaks. It is possible to replace or repair only the pull cord by following these instructions.

Repair the Cord

To fix the pull cord, you need a flat-blade screwdriver, paper clip, pliers or nail file, lighter, scissors, and replacement cord. You may prefer to snap a picture to remember how the cords connect or use an intact blind as a guide. To repair the old cord, pry off the cap covering the knot, in the bottom rail, pull out the knot, and clip it.

Carefully light a lighter, and slightly scorch the end of the new cord to fit the end, then extinguish the flame quickly. Hold the ends of the new cord and old cord together, and roll the ends with your fingertips to seal them. Hold the ends together for minute or two, then tug on the cord to string it through the blind.   

Remove the Blinds

If the cord has broken, it will need replacing, which involves removing the blinds. If you can't get them open, pry them open with a screwdriver.. 

Tug on the lift cord or rotate the wand to fold the blinds, take them off the brackets, and lay them on a flat work surface. Use the screwdriver to loosen the bracket mounting screws, then push up on the mounting brackets to raise the blinds.   

Replace the Cord

Pry the buttons from the old cord with the nail file or pliers; using a twisting movement, cut all the knots out, and tug on the cord to remove it. Save the pull buttons from the old blinds to install on the new ones.

The buttons hide the knot in the bottom of the cord, and they keep the blinds closed. If possible, measure the old cord, and buy one the same length. 

Thread the new cord in place through all of the slats using your photo as needed, and make a knot at the end. If you have trouble getting it through the hole, make a hook with a paper clip. Insert the hook over the metal bar, and push the knot in the hole, hooking it on the clip, then use it to pull the string. 

Tie a large knot on the end of the locking mechanism.  Reattach tassels, and hang the blind back in place.


31 August 2017

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