Protect Your Home Against Hurricane Winds


Living in an area of the country where hurricanes are possible means you need to know how to fortify and protect your home when a hurricane comes through your area.

#1 Add Fortification To Your Garage Door

When you plan to protect your doors and windows against hurricane winds, make sure that you don't forget about your garage door. High-speed winds from hurricanes can pressurize your home and break through your garage door, causing extensive damage to your home.

To fortify your garage door, you are going to want to purchase a vertical bracing system. These systems are usually made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which anchors into the ceiling above your garage door and into the floor. It also attaches to the hinges on your garage door.

A vertical bracing system will help ensure that your garage door does not get blown in by hurricane windows or sucked out via suction from strong winds either.

#2 Install Doors Designed To Withstand Strong Winds

Second, when you purchase and install exterior doors for your home, make sure the doors you buy are designed to withstand strong winds. You want to purchase a door that has a strong impact rating. This rating system was designed to show you what force of impact the door can withstand from flying objects, such as those that occur during hurricanes.

Many impact doors have steel plates inside of them. These steel plates help enforce your door and ensure that they can withstand hurricane winds.

#3 Install Storm Shutters On Your Windows

Third, you need to make sure that you protect your windows. One of the best ways to protect your windows is with storm shutters. Storm shutters are attached to the outside of your home. There are a variety of types of storm shutters. There are ones that you can hang up above your window, and pull down and fasten them in place when needed. There are storm shutters that you can hang up on the sides of your windows, and pull vertically when needed to cover your windows. Or there are storm shutters that you have to put up when you need them and take them down once the weather threat has passed.

Storm windows reinforce your windows and help ensure that the glass doesn't get broken by the force of flying objects.

Make sure that you have a plan to fortify and protect your windows, entry doors and garage door against hurricane force winds. Having a plan will make it easier to react when a hurricane warning is issued and protect your home 


2 August 2017

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