Advantages Of Selecting A Replacement Window With Built-In Blinds


Although you might initially be less than thrilled about the cost and process of having to replace one of the windows in your home, it's valuable to get excited about this task. One of the reasons to be excited about window replacement is that you can select new features that your previous window didn't have. One such feature to consider is a replacement window with built-in blinds. This type of window has a series of narrow blinds that sit between the two panes of glass; you control the height and angle of the blinds with a couple levers mounted to the side of the window. Here are some advantages of this type of window.

You Don't Have To Clean Your Blinds

A time-consuming and non-enjoyable job that many homeowners have to tackle is cleaning blinds that hang over their windows. This process is arduous because, in order to complete the task properly, you need to pass a duster or a microfiber cloth over each side each of the individual blinds. Over an entire window, this can be a lot of work, and it's even more work if you have blinds that hang over several of the windows in your home. When you replace your window with a window that has built-in blinds, you'll never have to clean the blinds, as they're out of reach and won't get dusty.

Your Air Quality Will Be Better

Given the manner in which window blinds attract and hold dust, they can compromise the air quality in your home. While you should technically dust the blinds regularly, the reality is that not everyone does so, and the result can be plenty of exposure to dust for your family members. If you have a child with asthma, the dust on your blinds throughout the house is a major concern. When you switch to a window with built-in blinds, you won't have as much dust lingering around your home and compromising the air that you breathe.

Built-In Blinds Don't Get Damaged

Blinds that hang in front of your windows can get damaged over time. For example, if your dog or cat jumps at the window, its paws may dent the blinds. Similarly, if the blinds get raised or lowered when the individual blinds are at the improper angle, they can get bent and damaged. This can compel you to have to replace the blinds or suffer looking at broken blinds. When the blinds are safely inside the window's two glass panes, however, there's no risk of damage.


26 July 2017

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