How Window Tinting Makes Your Windows More Energy Efficient


If you wish you could afford new windows with energy efficient glass to cut down on your power bills -- but they won't fit into your budget -- then you should consider window tinting. As long as the window frames don't leak, tinting on the windows can help control the climate in your home so it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Here's how it works.

Window Tinting Reflects UV Rays

There are different types of window tinting materials. Some work to reflect the sun's rays. This cuts down on solar heating inside your home. If you're trying to keep your home cooler in the summer, then try putting window tint on the south and west windows of your home since these get the most sun exposure.

Window Tint Acts Like Shade

Some window tint is clear and others are dark. The dark tint acts like shade that keeps the sun from directly entering your home. This reduces solar heating while still allowing natural light to enter. The dark tint has the added benefit of increasing your privacy. You could also pull your drapes to keep the sun out, but then you would be cut off from the outside. With window tint, you get sun blockage with the drapes open. Plus, you still have your privacy since people driving by or walking by your house can't see in the windows. However, you can still see through them from the inside.

Window Tint Blocks Heat Transfer

Both clear and dark window tint can block heat transfer. What this does is reduce the amount of heat that can pass through the glass. If it is hot outside, then the summer heat is blocked from leaking into your house. If it is cold outside and warm in the house, the tint keeps the warm air from leaking outdoors. This type of tint makes your home more energy efficient during all seasons of the year.

Window tinting does an excellent job of improving the energy efficiency of your window glass. It offers other benefits as well, such as reducing glare while allowing more natural light in the room and protecting your carpet and furniture from UV damage. Plus, certain types of tint film are very strong, so they add extra security to the glass too. You can hire a contractor to put film on any windows you choose. It's best to let a professional do the job rather than using a kit yourself so you get professional results. Otherwise, you might end up with flaking, peeling, and bubbles that detract from the appearance of your windows. When tint is professionally applied, it fuses with the glass so it doesn't look like film at all.


13 May 2017

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