3 Things To Know About Steam Shower Doors


If you've experienced a steam shower at an upscale hotel or perhaps have heard a friend talk about getting one of these unique showers installed in their bathroom, you might be eager to remodel your primary bathroom to feature a steam shower. A steam shower offers a steamy, appealing environment that can especially be enjoyable during the cold winter months. If you're the type of person who has dry skin, the humidity of a steam shower can especially feel good. When you move forward with a steam shower, you'll need to choose the right type of door. Here are some things to know about steam shower doors.

Full Height

A lot of shower doors don't go all the way to the ceiling. Instead, there will often be a gap of a foot or more between the ceiling and the top of the door. This isn't the case with a steam shower door. These doors are always full height, going from floor to ceiling. This is because you don't want any of the steam to escape the shower. A conventional shower door would easily allow the steam to flow over the top of the door, resulting in a shower that isn't as steamy as you'd like. With a full-height door, this won't occur.


While conventional shower doors can either slide or operate on hinges, you'll virtually always find that steam shower doors are hinged. A sliding shower door typically has a small gap between the door and the surrounding glass. The gap isn't an issue with a conventional shower, but it would allow the steam to escape from a steam shower. Hinged doors offer a fit that is more snug, which will help to keep the steam inside the shower.

Tight Seals

It's also common to see conventional hinged shower doors that have a slight gap between the door and the frame. You won't find a gap of this type when you look at steam shower doors. Instead, their edges generally have rubber seals that ensure a tight fit that won't allow steam to escape. You'll especially be able to notice this feature when you close a steam shower door. You'll often have to press it a little more firmly than usual to get it shut, thus creating a seal that will keep the interior of your shower steamy. To learn more about steam shower doors, visit a local shower door supplier.


19 October 2022

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