The Perks Of Hybrid Wood Windows


If you are shopping for new windows, you need to consider all of the possible sash material options. Most of the products installed in modern homes are some sort of synthetic material, whether it be vinyl, PVC, plastic, or fiberglass. Metal and wood are still options as well, but they aren't as common. Wood is very well liked by homeowners because of how it naturally looks. It is a material that is often replicated on many synthetic materials. It is easy to find, for example, PVC windows that have faux wood grain textures and/or prints.

To many homeowners, it just makes more sense to install an actual wood product. While there are certainly a few disadvantages to owning wooden windows, they are still the top choice for many homeowners because of aesthetics.

New technologies and window construction techniques have actually made modern wooden windows more durable, lower maintenance, and more affordable than ever. This article explains why wooden windows are still a great choice for those who want the style of real wood.

Modern Wood Windows Have a Hybrid Design

First of all, most modern wooden windows sashes are not made out of solid wood. In fact, the core of sash that is actually attached to the window glass, is usually a synthetic material like PVC or metal. The wood caps the synthetic core, so that is all you see from the outside.

Wood is a material that is always changing its consistency and shape. When it gets wet, and even just when the temperature changes, wood grains can warp, get swollen, expand, contract, split, and shrink. Basically, it can be very unpredictable material. These characteristics obviously aren't ideal for a wooden window that is supposed to be securely holding the glass pane. When the wood changes it shape, this can affect its secure hold on the glass panes.

This is why having a synthetic products as the actual core is so helpful. The construction of hybrid windows is also cheaper than a solid wood fixture. Since less hardwood is used, the cost per window can be reduced. Even more importantly, it is going to be cheaper and easier to take care of a hybrid window in the long term. Even though wooden windows aren't quite as common as they once were, modern products are actually still a very practical choice.

It is hard to match the natural style of a real wood window fixture.


18 July 2018

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