Graduating From Small Windows To Big: How This Installation Process Works


Small windows let in very little light. If you love a lot of natural light, then small windows are not for you. Thankfully, you can fix this problem by enlarging the area where a window will go, and then having a professional window installation expert fit the window to that space. Here is how this process will go.

Measure Inside and Out

First measure the available wall space you have inside your home. Then measure outside to make sure that same amount of space outside can support a newer, larger window. Keep in mind that you will need a frame around the window as well. Subtract at least four inches from both your width and your height measurements. That is how much space you have for a larger window.

Make Sure You Can Center the Larger Window on Your Wall

A larger window should be at least two or three feet up from the floor inside your home. The stud boards in the wall have to be long/tall enough to support the weight of the new window. You should also be able to center the window on this wall so that it is aesthetically pleasing.

Order Your New Window from the Company That Will Be Installing It

Have your window installation expert double-check your measurements. He or she will recommend a window that fits this space, which may or may not be as large as the measurements you have provided. If a smaller window is suggested, it is likely because windows are built to standard sizes, and your measurements may be a couple inches too big in one or more dimensions. 

Hire a Contractor Who Can Cut the New Space for the Larger Window

When the window has arrived, hire a contractor who can cut the new space for the larger window. He or she will make sure the open space remains covered (usually with the siding on your home) and protected from insects until your window installer arrives. There will be a lot of noise from saws and lots of dust, so prepare in advance by removing or covering the floor and surrounding furniture.

Insulating and Reinforcing the Opening

Because this wall has never had so large a window in it, it is likely not reinforced to bear the weight of the new window, nor is it insulated properly. Your window installation technician will make sure there is adequate insulation against drafts. They will weatherize the area, reinforce and brace the wall to accept the window, and then frame the window.

Installing the Window

Finally, the big moment has arrived. The big, beautiful, new window is installed within its frame. It is secured with adhesive and tacking strips in the frame, then caulked against the cold outdoors. In most instances, all of the work can be done from outside, and the installation expert does not need to enter your home. Before the installation technician leaves, check to see if you can open and shut all the windows and screens easily. Then leave the window alone to make sure all the adhesives and caulk used can dry and cure.

Repeat as Desired

If you want to put more large windows in other areas of your home, you will need to do all of the above steps for all of the windows you want. This makes the process of installation a lot easier for the contractors and installation technicians, since they can complete all of the work in a day's time. It also means that you will pay less in shipping fees for the windows, and less in labor charges because you are not making repeat calls to install windows separately.


11 September 2017

thinking through the window buying process

One thing I disliked about my house when I bought it was the fact that the windows were all so small. My house is in a beautiful country setting with no neighbors anywhere to be seen, so I couldn't understand why anyone would want to block the scenery out of the home. I started looking for oversize windows that I could use to bring the stunning country setting inside the home. I find all sorts of windows that would accomplish what I wanted and created a blog to help me choose what windows would be best for my home. Maybe, my thought process can help you find the perfect windows for your home.